Watch Lil Pump Help Save Fan Who Is Having a Seizure


Lil Pump played lil life-saver during the Wireless Festival in London yesterday.

During his set, the 17-year-old noticed that a fan toward the front was having a seizure.

So he stopped performing and alerted the paramedics to the fan's condition.

Ppl are always quick to slander and say bad stuff about Lil Pump.. but forget he’s the most caring and thoughtful rapper in the game .. he stopped his whole performance to get medical help for a fan having a seizure.

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“Yo, whoa! Paramedics, somebody’s having a seizure!” Pump shouts. “We need paramedics!”

Afterward, Pump warned the crowd about the dangers of drug use during an outdoor festival in the summer.

This was crazy. @lilpump performed at @wirelessfest for the first time. He stopped the show when it looked like a member of the crowd had a seizure. A guy was carried through the crowd, the security rushed him to the paramedics, then Pump checked to see if he was ok before he started the show again. Pump handled the situation perfectly as did the security, and the paramedics on standby. Today was a good day ☀️

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“But guys, do me a favor,” he said. “If anybody’s doing any type of drugs or anything, drink water,” Pump told the crowd. “Please drink water, bro. Please drink water, I’m dead ass," Pump said.

“You don’t want no crazy shit happening to you… After this next song, drink some fucking water, bro. Please. I don’t want no crazy shit happening to y’all.”

Despite his recent "Drug Addicts" video with Charlie Sheen, Pump's been on a "just say no" kick lately. He recently claimed he had stopped doing all drugs, after retiring from Xans earlier in the year.

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