Lil Pump Pulls A Tony Montana After Getting Arrested For Firing Gun


Lil Pump was arrested Wednesday after firing a gun through his front door.

He initially claimed that the bullet hole came from three intruders who were trying to get into his house. However, police found no evidence of intruders and plenty of evidence of the gun Pump fired. He was charged with discharging a weapon in an inhabited place and spent the night in juvenile detention.

Pump was feeling pretty confident upon his release. In fact, he seemed to be channeling Scarface's Tony Montana, who died in a hail of cartel gunfire, when he discussed his lawyer.

"Aye man, we got rich lawyers. Real lawyers. The best lawyers in the planet," he told TMZ.

The 17-year old also showed off his ankle bracelet and used his "Gucci Gang" flow to rap about Xanax and house arrest.

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