Lil Pump Arrested After Strange Gun Incident


Lil Pump is in juvenile detention after an incident in which police say he fired a gun.

Pump's team, however, told a different story. At least initially.

According to the 17-year-old's manager, three men were jimmying the front door to the rapper's San Fernando Valley home around 4 PM yesterday and one of the men fired a shot through the door.

Police investigating the scene found no evidence of home invaders and believe the trajectory of the bullet came from inside the house rather than outside. They also found a handgun in the bushes in front of the home and ammo for the gun inside of it.

Additionally, the cops found marijuana in the home and believe Pump was smoking it.

Pump was charged with discharging a weapon in an inhabited place.

Because he's under 18, his mother -- who wasn't home when police arrived -- is under investigation for endangering a minor and having an unsecured gun at home.

After the arrest, Pump's team changed their tune on what happened. Now they are conceding Pump fired the gun. But they say it was because he was being threatened by the invaders and may have hit one of them. They believe surveillance cameras will prove their (second) account of what happened. 

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