Kyrie Irving Is Leading a Revolt Which May Cancel the season


It seemed like the resumption of the NBA season was a done deal.  It may not be.

Kyrie Irving is leading a group of players who have serious questions about the NBA plans to have 22 teams sequestered in Orlando for eight regular-season games and then the playoffs.

Chris Haynes of Yahoo! Sports reports:

The unease about relocating to a quarantined campus during the COVID-19 pandemic was already viewed as hazardous and unnecessary to many players. But because of the George Floyd tragedy and the powerful movement for racial justice that's sweeping the nation, some players believe it's bad optics for a league comprised predominantly of black men to be sequestered in one location for up to three months merely to entertain the masses and ease the league's economic burden, sources said.

Irving, who has already announced he won't be returning due to a shoulder injury, is leading the charge via zoom.


200 players is about 40 percent of the league. 

Do you think this goes anywhere?

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