Khia Disses Cardi B; Says Trina Swung With Lil Wayne, Toya Wright and Birdman

By Daryl Nelson

Khia is dissing Trina again after Trina went on The Breakfast Club and threw some shots at her. The two have been beefing all year and it looks like their issues with other haven't subsided.

This time around, the "My Neck, My Back" creator brought up Trina's name when she addressed Lil Wayne's daughter Reginae Carter. Reginae had stuck up for her mother Toya Wright after Khia said some not too kind things about her. In response, Khia landed low blows against multiple enemies by claiming that Wayne, Birdman, Toya, and Trina all swung together. 

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The Queens Court SVU..#wereworking #callyourdaddy #purecomedy #roastsandgags #onehitwonder #bitchyouonthedocket #nextcaller

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"That’s how far me and your daddy go back," Khia gfsaid on her web series The Queens Court. "Back to a time when your step mama Sour Puss [Trina] was fuckin' your Baby. You know, no she’s not the baddest because she fucked your mama and your daddy. That don’t make her the baddest, baby. That make you a damn fool to even bring her up. Now, since your mama didn't tell you that she was swinging with your daddy and your step-daddy, Baby, I'm gon' be the one to tell you, don't bring that up no more, baby. Don't bring that up never again."

Me: She looked like a black ring around the tub.. Maddie: What the fuck is a ring around a tub? Me: 🎶🎶Ring Around A Rosie, Pocket Full Of Posies, Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down..🎶🎶🤣 #trixierosie #bitchyouonthedocket #isyoulivewhore #roastsandgags #thequeenscourt #nextcaller #donttrustnoniggano💯

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Khia also threw a shot at Cardi B after she saw one of her videos.

"She looks like the ring in the tub after 10 people done bathed in it," she stated.  "Ya'll know how the ring around the tub looks when everybody in your family bathed in it and nobody decided to wash it out and they keep jumping in it ... That's how she looked in that video."

What do you think about Khia's kinky allegations about Wayne and Birdman, and why do you think she came at Cardi all of a sudden?


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