Trina Goes Off On Enemy In Crazy Rant [VIDEO]

By Daryl Nelson

Trina should be in a good mood considering she just dropped a new record with Trick Daddy, but that isn't the case.

In a new video, the Miami rapper went off on one of her enemies, who sounds like a female artist.

"Any bitch that eats a bitch ass from the back, you can't say nothing to me," she yelled. "Kiss my motherfucking ass. What the fuck wrong with you weak ass hoes? Why ya'll hoes so jealous? Why ya'll punk ass hoes can't get out here do what ya'll do, get your own motherfucking money. Get your own money, put your own music out, do what the fuck you wanna do. Why ya'll hoes hating on me? Bitch, I've been doing this shit 17 years grinding. Ain't none of ya'll punk ass hoes gave me shit. Ain't no nigga gave me shit. [I] can't keep a nigga? I curb these niggas. I don't need a motherfucking nigga, bitch, I'm rich."
Afterward, Trina said she sent the person that she's angry with a DM to settle things face-to-face, but no one showed up.

Some are speculating she's going after KimBRocsMics. Kim and Trina are both rumored to be part of the cast on the upcoming reality show Love & Hip Hop Miami.

What do you think about Trina's rant? Who do you think she's mad at? You can peep the video below.

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