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Kevin Durant Claims "Accident" After Shading Russell Westbrook On IG


Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook's complicated relationship took another turn after KD liked an Instagram comment shading his former teammate.


The comment KD liked was in response to a claim that Durant left OKC because he was sick of playing for a "subpar" team. It read, "'subpar' lmfao the problem was Westbrook. They had a good ass team." 

After Durant's "like" was exposed he claimed it was a mistake.


This isn't the first time KD has made a high profile social media goof. Last year, he got caught making a comment from what he thought was his burner Twitter page that criticized OKC coach Bill Donovan and his ex-teammates. But it was actually from his verified page. (We know he thought it was his burner because he referred to himself in the third person in the comment.)

Do you think this latest slip up was really a mistake?

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