It Sounds Like Russell Westbrook Tried To Freeze Out Kevin Durant After Game

By HHL Editors

Russell Westbrook was in a surly mood after OKC's 121-100 defeat in Golden State.

He vowed revenge against Warriors center Zaza Pachulia, who had knocked him down and stood over him menacingly during the game.

He also said he didn't exchange words with his ex-teammate Kevin Durant in the third quarter, in part because they aren't on speaking terms.

But it's comments that Westbrook made right after the game which are getting the most attention.

In this video, you can hear Westbrook tell his teammates "don't say 'what's up' to that bitch ass nigga."

Needless to say, everyone is speculating the "bitch ass" is Durant, the familiar face who played with all the other Thunder last year.

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