Updated List Of All The Greats Kanye West Has Compared Himself To (Michelangelo Edition)

By HHL Editors

The folks at the Kanye forum KanyeToThe have uncovered a behind-the-scenes video West did during his GQ mag shoot a couple months ago. In the clip, Kanye is his typical grandiose self:

"Most people are just satisfied with, 'It's good,' Kanye says in the video. "Most people are satisfied at a 10. It’s not to just stop at 10. 10 is ground zero; perfection is ground zero. We need to take things to a genius level ... I'm talking about things that have not been done before ... I'm talking about Picasso."

"Michelangelo decides he wants to sculpt and a bunch of sculpters say, 'No, you’re a painter," Kanye says later in the video. "But he’s Michelangelo. And I’m Kanye West."

As you probably know, Kanye is notorious for comparing himself to all-time greats in other fields. In the GQ clip he is clearly comparing himself to Michelangelo. Picasso? Well, he is more aspiring to be the Spanish painter, so that doesn't count.

But we can certainly add Michelangelo to the list of legends West has evoked when referring to himself. They are:

Michelangelo, Jesus, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Kantiss Everdeen, Gil Scott-Heron, Miles Davis, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jackson, Jim Morrison, Axl Rose, Jimi Hendrix, Maya Angelou, Nina Simone, Any Warhol, Shakespeare, Willy Wonka and a blowfish. Yes, Kanye once compared himself to a blowfish. The fish, not the band.  In his mind Kanye would obviously be Hootie.

We're on board with West being an exceptionally talented fellow. So maybe if he had just likened himself to a few these greats we'd be down. But he had go and be so Kanye.

Who would you compare him to?


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