Juicy J And DJ Paul Sue Suicideboys For Stealing, Want Millions


The Three 6 Mafia boys don't play when protecting their intellectual property.  Travis Scott learned that the hard way when he settled a $20 million lawsuit for swiping his hook from the Three 6 Mafia cut "Tear Da Club Up" and putting it on his Astroworld track "No Bystanders."

Now the Suicideboys are hearing from Juicy J and DJ Paul's lawyers.  

The Memphis rappers allege Suicideboys used uncredited and unremunerated  elements of the Three 6 Mafia tracks “Mask and Da Glock,”  “Mafia Niggaz (Yeah Hoe)” and “Smoked Out, Loced Out” in their tracks "Ma$k and da GlocK,” “Smoked Out, Loced Out" and “BREAKDALAW2K16,”

"Defendants’ infringing songs have garnered millions of streams on, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple music for which they have received royalties payments," reads the lawsuit.

Juicy J and DJ Paul want $1.2 million for actual damages and another $5.2 million statutory damages.

The Suicideboys counter that Paul and J don't actually own all of the samples they are claiming the New Orleans duo stole and that Juicy never paid them for the work that they did on his  Highly Intoxicated and shutdafuckup mixtapes.

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