Travis Scott Settles $20 Million Lawsuit With DJ Paul For Swiping Three 6 Mafia Cut


Earlier this year,  DJ Paul sued Travis Scott for $20 million for swiping his hook from the Three 6 Mafia cut "Tear Da Club Up" and putting it on his Astroworld track "No Bystanders."

Paul made it clear it was just business and nothing personal against Scott.

Perhaps that's why they were able to settle.

According to The Blast, Paul and LaFlame have come to an agreement and Paul has filed documents telling the court everything should be cleared up in 30 days.

“However, the parties require additional time to sign all of the paperwork (including paperwork for the U.S. Copyright Office) and to make a settlement payment. I believe that an additional 30 days will be sufficient to fully and finally complete settlement of this matter, and hope that the Court will indulge the parties one last time.”

No word on what the final number is, but Paul had a pretty good case.



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