Judge Sides With Dr. Dre In Divorce case Brought By His Estranged Wife


Nicole Young has suffered a setback in her divorce case against Dr. Dre.

A judge has rejected her motion to sanction Dre because he was refusing to sit down for a deposition, during which she would be able to grill him under oath about his finances and alleged mistresses.  However, it turns out, Dre is available to sit.

"The Court further finds the imposition of sanctions, at this stage, and given the events here, is deemed unwarranted," the judge ruled.

Nicole also accused Dre and his business partner of hiding financial info from her.  On that, the judge ruled she can get some of the documents but denied her other requests.

Nicole has been been on her heels ever since she filed for divorce.

Her extravagant request for $1.5 million a month in expenses was shut down and she's being investigated by the LAPD for embezzlement after Dre's business partner said she cashed a company for almost 400K that she shouldn't have.

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