Joe Budden Goes In On Peter Rosenberg After Recent Diss

By Daryl Nelson

It took a little while but Joe Budden finally responded to Peter Rosenberg, who dissed him earlier this week.

Their beef began when Joe called out Rosenberg for the way he reported on XXXTentacion's death. Rosenberg had said the late rapper was no angel. 

Joe thought those remarks were insensitive, and he aired out the Hot 97 host on his Podcast. Rosenberg responded by calling Joe a washed up rapper.

The former Slaughterhouse member was on vacation after that particular diss and just got a chance to respond.

“Who the fuck are you to tell somebody they’re not an angel," said Joe. "Let me tell you this Peter Rosenberg, the hypocrisy. I feel you owe your entire career and Hip Hop to a gentleman like XXX and gentleman like myself. Gentlemen you like to discredit because you feel inferior in your spot."

“I've watch you repeatedly suck Mike Tyson’s dick on-air, off-air. You love Mike Tyson. Hey guess what? Me too," he continued. "But I don’t hear you call him a convicted rapist to his face. Who the fuck are you to attempt to be on some moral type of high ground like you the ethics police? News flash Pete, don’t nobody need you to say what's right and what's wrong and what's agreeable.”

Do you agree with Joe on this?


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