Joe Budden and Peter Rosenberg Beef Over The Reporting of XXXTentacion's Murder

By Daryl Nelson

Joe Budden and Peter Rosenberg got into a heated back and forth because Joe didn't like the way the Hot 97 host reported on XXXTentacion's murder.

"I'm in my car balling in fucking tears," said Joe. "I'm listening to talk radio, and it's fucking Peter Rosenberg. And he interrupts this bullshit Yankee talk they're having to say, 'Hey, I know this is not a Hip Hop show, but I'm in Hip Hop, so I must report to you guys that triple X Tentacion has passed away.' And his two white co-hosts say 'Who was that?' And the first thing out your mouth was 'He was no Angel?' I took a lot of offense to that Peter Rosenberg."

Rosenberg then responded, both on Twitter and on Ebro in the Morning, and he blasted Joe for his comments.

"You could have watched the 20 minute clip, but instead you tried to play me to your audience just to get a little pop for your podcast," he said.

Rosenberg also dissed Joe by calling him a "pro podcaster" and made fun of the fact that he left music for journalism, which he said wouldn't last. 

"You're finished just like your career," he stated. "One song 15 years ago."

Afterward, Ebro chimed in and tried to explain to Rosenberg why Joe was so offended.

"With the XXX story right, Joe has had issues with drugs, Joe also has been jumped and he also had accusations of beating women," he explained. "So maybe in this story he's sensitive to all that because he also has had issues in the public before."

You can see some of the tweets between Joe and Rosenberg below. Who do you agree with?


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