Witness Says He Saw XXXTentacion's Killers in Motorcycle Shop


Before he allegedly shot and killed XXXTentacion, Dedrick Williams was spotted at RIVA Motorsports in Deerfield Beach, Florida alongside two other men.

Instagram user Panamapa's sister and her boyfriend witnessed the murder. Panamapa shared the text messages he got from them before and after they saw the killing, and after the boyfriend learned Williams had been arrested.

What some of you failed to understand in the midst of your youtube conspiracies & fake theories. This is the first message I got about him that day; he was fine, bike shopping and talking to fans. My sis bf got to meet him and feel excited about it only to see unspeakable horror right after, all in a span of less than 30 minutes. He and several others, including the family member accompanying Jahseh, had to run inside for cover in fear for their lives. Real people are hurt and traumatized. Please be respectful

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j u s t i c e

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This is unreal Everyone PLEASE PRAY FOR X !!!!

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Police have issued three warrants in XXXTentacion's killing, including the one for Williams. That backs up the text message about there being two men with Williams.

What do you think about this new piece of information?

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