Jay Electronica Calls Kanye 'Black God'; Discusses Current State Of Hip Hop

By HHL Editors

The mysterious Jay Electronica has been spending his time traveling the world and not putting out new music.

But in an interview with Nigeria's 99.9 Beat FM, the 38-year old proved that he is keeping up with what's going on in the game, and also dropped some nice words for the always controversial Kanye West.

"Kanye is a Black God and we love him," Jay said. "You know the white man, the media, they say nasty things about Nigeria but we just throw that in the trash can just like we throw the Kanye big head stuff in the trash."
As for what he's been listening to lately:

"Yes, it is dumbed down hip-hop. It’s not what I grew up on. But I would be a bold-faced liar if I said I didn't listen to some Fetty Wap and Drake. I know the lyrics to 'I’m in love with the CoCo' and all that. Rap is poetry, and we come from the era of Rakim and Nas. That side of me can critique a Young Thug and these new types of people. At the same time, it’s young, black people using what they have to come up out of an environment they’re in to better their lives and their loved ones."
What do you think about Jay's words on Kanye and the state of Hip Hop today? You can listen to his entire interview below.

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