Ja Morant Explains Why He Would've 'Cooked' Michael Jordan

By Daryl Nelson

Ja Morant could be called the Soulja Boy of basketball for all the smack he talks on and off social media.

It's clear that some don't care for his words or antics that much, like Kendrick Perkins, who once blasted him for acting "hood."

There's a good chance that Perkins will also have something to say about Morant's latest claim, which has to do with Michael Jordan — considered by many to be the best ever.


"I wish I played in his generation," Morant told Taylor Rooks. "I would've cooked him, too. Nobody got more confidence than 12. I'm never going to say nobody going to beat me 1-on-1."

What do you think about Ja's implication MJ wouldn't be able to dominate in the 20s like he did in the 90s?