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J Cole Lights Up The World With A New Album For 4-20

By Alox

On April 16th, J Cole used his first tweet of the month to surprise us by announcing a free concert in New York City:

During this first come-first serve concert, he performed a bunch of brand new music; brand new music that was later revealed to be from his newest album dropping today, 4-20:

Fans and social media instantly went nuts! Then, the excitement grew even larger after the official cover and track listing was revealed a little over 24 hours ago.

The twelve-track project is featureless, once again, as we later found out that the featured artist who is listed, kiLL edward, is simply an alter-ego of Cole's.

This was discovered through the record "Tidal Wave", which was released shortly after the covers.

Now, we can listen to the full project and experience the Cole World!

This album has three different titles. The acronym K.O.D. stands for "Kids On Drugs", "King Overdosed", and "Kill Our Demons":

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