It Turns Out Dr. Dre's Wife Did Sign A Prenup & Dre Didn't Rip It Up


Dr. Dre has the receipts.

Dre, who's involved in a continuous divorce with his ex-wife Nicole Young, has produced to the court the prenup agreement that Nicole and her team had claimed no longer existed.

In the document, which Nicole signed, all property the couple acquired after they married in 1996 marriage was kept separate, meaning Nicole has no right to anything Dre paid for.  However, Nicole doesn't waive her right to supposal support in the document, so Dre will have to pay his ex some alimony.

How much will be up to the court.  Nicole is asking for $2 million a month.  Dre says her monthly expenses are around 300K, so the figure should be a lot less.

Nicole had claimed that Dre had torn the prenup to pieces, thereby voiding it.   But it turned out it was still very much intact.

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