Gillie Da Kid Says Birdman Once Ordered "Shrimp Lamborghini" At A Restaurant

By Benny Franklin

If you didn't know that Philly rapper Gillie Da Kid was signed to Cash Money at one point, now you do. 

Gillie spent a lot of time around Birdman and has quite the stories to tell regarding his hand rubbing boss. 

Recently on an Instagram Live, Gillie was talking with a young lady from New Orleans. 

The 15-minute conversation included a lot, but the highlight was Gillie telling the woman how Birdman didn't say things correctly. 

One time we walked into BET to do 106th and park and we all got in the elevator and the elevator was packed up. And Baby said this elevator too tight, it got a n*gga closet phobia.

The young lady goes on to defend Baby to an extent, saying that they say things different in New Orleans, but Gillie was quick to cut her off and add these gems.

God be my witness we was in a restaurant and the n*gga ordered Shrimp Lamborghini.

A n*gga ordered a food and a car and the lady said excuse me.

The n*gga looked at everybody at the table and said 'Am I not speaking English, like I said, Shrimp Lamborghini'

Gillie finished off his rant by saying so much stuff was going on like this at Cash Money, that he couldn't fathom why he was even signed to them.

You can peep the discussion at around the 10:00 mark. 




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