French Montana Defends Lil Pump Against Hip Hop Heads

By Daryl Nelson

French Montana has weighed in on the spat between Lil Pump and the old heads who prefer lyrics to mumbling, explaining that people need to respect the teenage rapper.

This particular debate has picked up since J. Cole's song "1985" dropped, in which he seems to take passive-aggressive shots at Pump, although he never mentioned his name. French told LA Weekly that every generation of rap and every kind of rapper should be honored.

“Honestly, you got to respect every generation of Hip Hop,” he said when asked about the Hip Hop heads hating on Pump. “I love what Lil Pump is doing for the game. I love what Tupac and Biggie did for the game, I also love what Run-DMC and them did for the game. I just feel like the game just changes. I just feel like right now, there’s more rich rappers than back in the day. It became a lifestyle. It just shows growth.”

French then said that mumble rap and lyrical rap should be able to co-exist. 

“Whoever don’t like him, why you listening to him,” he said about Pump. “There’s still lyrical rappers out here. Whatever kind of rap you want to listen to, go listen to it. I love Lil Pump’s music.”

Do you agree with French that every generation of rap needs to be respected whether you like the music or not?


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