Freekey Zekey Speaks On Getting Shot; Snitch Allegations


In 2003, Freekey was shot and his friend Eric Mangrum was killed in a dispute with a group of men, including Chauncey Dillon.

Freekey was called as a witness in Dillon's trial. Freekey has always said he didn't name names nor point fingers, but Dillon was convicted and got 35 years and the snitch label has followed Freekey since

Zeeky was just interviewed on FlipDaScript, where he said he has definitive proof he didn't snitch.

According to Freekey, there is clear documentary of everything he said during the trial in the "minutes" and it proves he was no rat.

"You can see what I said and it clearly doesn't state the fact that a put any of those b*tch a$$ n!ggas in jail."

He also spoke on the incident for the first, after they played the testimony from a member of Dillon's crew in which he discusses his version of what went down. Here's the Dipset rapper's version of "the scariest night of my life."

"I'm looking for parking, and a n***a hit my truck," he explains. "My father told me that's the move. They hit the truck, you get out to see what's going on, they see the jewelry you got on you and they book. When I got out, I was on the run. I was like f*ck. I don't want to get locked up. So I tell these n*ggas to go around the corner. We go around the corner, and they just sitting there. I should have known." 

According to Freekey, he tried to solve the situation without violence, but it quickly got violent.

"I grabbed his motherf*ckin hand, the n***a started letting off," he sakd. "Once it jammed, I spun him around and put the n***a in a full nelson."

Zekey fought as best he could but was hit and figured he was as good as dead. He ended up surviving but Mangrum didn't

"There was blood all over the place, and I was like damn I feel cold too," says Zekey. "He said 'Zeke, I'm cold, I'm cold." I said 'damn, don't worry about that, you gon' be alright.' But now I'm getting cold."

Check out the whole interview below. He discusses the snitching allegations at the beginning and the shooting at 23 minutes.

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