Floyd Mayweather Admits To Funny Business During Conor McGregor Fight


The Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight was surprisingly competitive for a while, with the MMA star even winning a few rounds.

However, one got the impression that Floyd was holding something back.  Maybe he thought tiring out the Irishman was the best way to beat him. Or maybe he thought he owed all the folks who paid money to watch the fight a show that lasted more than a couple of rounds.

In a video posted on, Floyd confirmed it was the latter.

"Everybody tried to protest the Mayweather-McGregor fight. I'ma tell y'all the truth. You know I carried McGregor...I made it look good for y'all."

What spurred Money to make this admission is comments by Oscar Da La Hoya, who claimed he could knock McGregor out in two rounds -- rather than the ten rounds it took for Floyd to TKO McGregor.

“Wasn't Oscar De La Hoya the same one trying to protest and stop the fight?” he quipped. “Now, he trying to fight Conor McGregor. Is he a hypocrite or is he back on coke again?”

Do you believe Mayweather let McGregor stick around for ten rounds just to keep the masses entertained?


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