Eminem Talks Young Rappers Not Respecting The Veterans [WATCH]

By Daryl Nelson

Hip-Hop's generation gap has been a big topic of discussion in recent years, and both younger and older rappers have weighed in. So far Eminem hasn't really spoken on it, but he did  in a recent interview with a French media outlet.

After being asked if the new crop of rappers respect the MCs from yesteryear, Em said that certain ones do. He also explained why it's important for him to honor the vets.

"Some of the artist coming up do [respect older rappers] and some of them don't really care," he said. "My heroes will always stay my heroes and the people who, especially like, paved the road for someone like me, you know, I always pay homage to the ones who came before me because they made Hip-Hop what it is today. They are responsible ... What I would say to somebody coming up who is young in the game and doesn't really respect that, should go back and probably listen and get a Hip-Hop lesson."

Do you think it's realistic to think the younger rappers will go back and listen to the vets and learn from them? You can hear to Em's comments below at the 7:07 mark.

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