Eazy-E & Jerry Heller Hired Ex-Israeli Soldier to Rid Them Of Suge Knight


Gary Ballen was Jerry Heller's cousin and the stage manager for NWA.

In an interview with the Murder Master Music Show, Ballen explained how Heller and Eazy E hired an Ex-Israeli Mossad agent to rid them of their Suge Knight problem.

According to Ballen, Knight used to come right into their LA offices and intimidate them, despite their security. That all ended when they brought Mike Klein aboard. 

"The first time I ever saw Mike Klein, it was a picture of him holding up two severed heads. He was in his uniform. He was one of those crazy Israeli army guys and when I met him, he had a real strong crew of guys who worked for him ... these guys turned out to be our main bodyguards," Ballen said. 

"Klein kinda of moved in. He not only became our head of security, but he and Eazy got to be real close because Eazy liked that Rambo mentality, all the guns, and Klein was an expert at everything whether it was karate, shooting or whatever. Once [Klein] threatened Suge, the threats from [Suge] were all over. The first thing I heard was he told Suge if he ever comes back, he gonna chop him up and put him in dumpsters all around the city. And the second thing I heard is if [Suge] ever comes to the office uninvited, he's going out in a box. It's kinda funny when you say that. But if you hear Mike Klein say it, you believe it.”

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