Jerry Heller Says He Regrets Talking Eazy-E Out Of Killing Suge Knight

By HHL Editors

Controversial ex -N.W.A manager Jerry Heller is going to be a big part of Straight Outta Compton, if the trailer is any indication.

During an interview with UGS Radio’s Murder Master Music Show the 74-year old spoke about the movie, saying "I haven't seen anything yet. I’m waiting until the movie comes out and I’ll be there in the front row with my lawyer and looking to make sure that it's accurate."

He also talked about the time he talked Eazy-E out of killing Suge Knight -- and how he's come to regret that.

"I think that Suge Knight is an evil human being,” Jerry Heller said. “And I always said when Suge Knight started to get involved—Cause he was a bodyguard at Ruthless [Heller and Eazy-E's record label.] He drove Dre around sometimes. Usually he was with The D.O.C. Who I feel was probably the greatest, pure rapper. He and Rakim were the greatest pure rappers that I ever heard. But he was a bad guy. He was a bad guy then and he’s a worse guy now. The guy is lucky. And I think that like they say in Vegas to OJ Simpson, ‘It's payback time’… Eric [Eazy-E] knew he was a problem from the beginning and that was that meeting when I talked him out of doing what he felt that he wanted to do. And if you know Eric, he was very firm in his ideas. And actually as it turned out that he was right and I was wrong."
Knight's behavior over the last several months has certainly done nothing to dispute Heller's assessment.

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