DJ Khaled Spills The Beans On Who 'They' Are

By HHL Editors

DJ Khaled's Snapchat hustle has transformed him from a rap B-lister to a legit pop culture star.

He did his pop culture star thing yesterday by doing the Ellen show.

During his interview, he displayed his typical bravado, calling himself the "The Hip Hop Quincy Jones."

He also revealed who the "they" he is always referring to in his pep talks is.

“They is…the person who told you, you would never have the Ellen show,” Khaled explained. “They are the people who don’t believe in you. That say that you won’t succeed. We stay away from they. They never wanted me on the Ellen Show.  But here I am on the Ellen Show."
Alright, that wasn't the world's best explanation.  In terms of specifics, "They" remains as much of a mystery as what Khaled actually does in the studio is.

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