DJ Envy Suggests Radio May Ban Nicki Minaj After Her Threat On DJs


In Tweets she's since deleted, Nicki Minaj went after Power 105.1's DJ Self.

She suggested that Self only said Cardi B's album was better than her new album Queen because she wouldn't give him " a drop or a hug." She also threatened to sic "hungry niggas" on him.

Self's Power 105.1 colleague  DJ Envy wasn't feeling those words one bit

“You don’t threaten no DJ over his opinion,” he said on The Breakfast Club. “Now, if Self said something foul and disrespectful—it's all good. But not over his opinion. If his opinion is this and all the sudden you gonna send someone to come see him ..."

Envy went on to say that he needed to have a conversation with Self about the threat because he's not sure Nicki really meant it that way. But if she did ...

"If she meant it that way, you damn right, and every DJ on the station better stop playing [her music],” Envy said.

Nicki could use the plays. Her album is trending for about a 150K first week.  That's about 100K less than Cardi's Invasion Of Privacy did earlier this year, and would be the lowest opening of Nicki's career.

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