Desiigner Gets Another Break In Road Rage Arrest

By HHL Editors

Not long after Desiigner was arrested for allegedly waving a gun at another motorist, we learned that police were unable to find the gun.

So the D.A. dropped the felony gun charge against him, leaving the 19 year old with the less serious charges of felony possession of a controlled substance and menacing.

Now the possession of a controlled substance charge is also in doubt.

It was initially reported that the 302 pills found in the car Desiigner was riding in were Methadone, methamphetamine, OxyContin and steroids.

Upon further review they are all steroids. The driver has taken responsible for the 'roids, and Desiigner told the authorities he wasn't even aware that they were in the car.

The D.A. said "no comment" when asked by TMZ if they would drop the drug charges against Desiigner. But don't be surprised if they soon go away.

Watch Desiigner deny the drug charges during his very hype post-jail statement. (At least we think that's what he's saying.)

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