Dedication 6: Part One Vs Part Two

By Alox

There are a whole lot of happy fans out there after Lil Wayne has made an unmerciful return with "Dedication 6". Both part one and part two are being received very very well. However, which one is better?

At the end of the intro to "D6 Reloaded", Wayne shed some light on his definition of Dedication.

So the definition of Dedication has changed for me since the first one, since the second one, since the third one, whatever. It's because whenever I put it out it's life. And since I don't write none of my shit, I'm coming from the head. And what happens is, when you rap so long or when you do it so long, all the things in your head, you done used up. So what happens is you gotta start using something else and coming from somewhere else, and that somewhere else is ten times out of ten your heart. And, umm, that's what this Dedication 6 project is. But, yeah, the definition is always different because I'm always going through something at that time of my life, you know what I mean.

Real spill right there.

He then preceded to say something that probably made most of you chuckle:

I prolly was fucking your bitch on Dedication 4, and the whole fucking shit was dedicated to her, you know what I mean. I dunno. Whichever one that wasn't, that didn't do as well as all of the rest of them, that was definitely the one that was dedicated to her.

With that being said, what Dedication was it for you?

Which part of D6 is better to you? Please let us know your opinions in the comment section!

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