Death Row Bodyguard Offers His Theory On Who Killed 2Pac

By HHL Editors

There are a lot of theories on who killed 2Pac and why.

James McDonald (aka "Mob James") was a Piru Blood who worked as a Death Row bodyguard. He was in Vegas the night Tupac was shot and killed.

He believes Pac was snuffed out by a South Side Crip in retaliation for initiating the notorious MGM Grand beating of Crip gangbanger Orlando Anderson, simple as that.

According to McDonald, Pac was an arrogant hot head, and there was no reason for him to start the hotel lobby brawl. But he did, and the rest is history.

"2Pac was the smallest part of this equation, it wasn't about 2Pac," McDonald said of the MGM fight. "2Pac made himself the bigger man. When 2Pac had 30 cats behind him ... When 2Pac knew nobody could hurt him, 2Pac changed. 2Pac was spitting on people. 2Pac was bumping into people. And this is what would lead to 2Pac demise.  Because if 2pac would have mind his business, he had all these gangsters that would have taken care of that anyway. "If Tupac would have stood to the side and watched -- and if Suge would have said, 'No you my money, you ain't finna get in no fight, get over there,' Tupac would be still alive right now in the day. And this is the only reason why he died. He interfered in something he had no power in."
McDonald speaks on what went down in Vegas at about the 12 minute mark of the video below. Earlier in the video (about 4 minuets in), McDonald discusses meeting Pac, and how he didn't like the way the rapper claimed MOB Piru without earning his stripes.

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