Dave East Responds to Tray Pizzy's Diss with 'I'm Good Cuz, Enjoy (Detox)'

By Daryl Nelson

Bronx rapper Tray Pizzy and Harlem's own Dave East are currently engaged in a lyrical back and forth. 

A few days ago, Pizzy went at Dave on his song "Retribution," and East responded with "I'm Good Cuz, Enjoy (Detox)."

In Pizzy's song, he claimed East was lying about where he's from, and he also threatened him.  

"I can tell you ain't from Harlem they don't drip like that / I know some real Harlem niggas they don't Crip like that / They thumbin' threw the money, you dumbin' when you get money, nigga, you movin' funny / You'll get clipped like that," he spits.


On East's response cut, he said that Pizzy is jealous of him and wants his spot. He also said the Bronx native has been trying to be a rapper for a while and even gave him some merchandise once.

"How you let them moves that I'm making really hurt your life / Know you don't like me when you see me, you give me merchandise? / I threw that bum ass hat out on the Bruckner / You trash, you ain't even nicer than your brother," he rhymes.

East also added this:

"Before this Gucci you knew me from straight hoodies / How you from The Bronx and can't get a feature from A-Boogie," he raps.

You can listen to both cuts above and below. Who do you think is winning the battle so far?

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