Cop Reveals Tupac's Last Words To Disprove Video Of Pac Alive

By HHL Editors

There's been a video circulating lately titled "Tupac is alive New Proof 2016!"

It shows a demonstrably recent "selfie" of a man who looks like Pac.

While the video is newish, the photo has been bouncing around for some time. It's most certainly not the real deal, although there is a strong resemblance.

Retired police officer Chris Carroll -- who allegedly witnessed Tupac’s last breath -- spoke to The Daily Mail about the new video and the legend's dying moments.

"Tupac is dead. I saw him lose consciousness and lose his life 20 years ago,' Carroll said. 'I still find it astonishing that fans and people believe that Tupac is alive. This new video does nothing to change my mind. There are lookalikes all over the world and this may be another one or a hoax."
Then he moved on to what he saw in Las Vegas.

'I asked him "Who shot you? Who did this? What happened?" repeatedly. 'Tupac didn't even acknowledge that I was talking to him, as he was staring at Suge over my shoulder. "Then he finally moved his line of sight from Suge, glared at me, mustered the energy to take as deep as breath as possible and said, 'Fuck you.' His eyes rolled back, and then he started gargling and choking before he looked back at Suge ... 'However that burst of energy proved too much, and his body physically quit, he went limp, his eyes closed half way, stopped breathing and he lost consciousness.
Are you buying "fuck you" as Pac's dying words? '

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