Chris Brown Explains Why Lil Wayne Is The GOAT


Lil Wayne certainly has a way with words.

Chris Brown has seen that up close, in tracks he's done with Tunechi like "Loyal."

Breezy jumped on Instagram last night and marveled at the lyrical work Wayne did on"Bloody Mary", from Weezy's tape D6 Reloaded.

In particular, Brown was impressed with all the words Wayne found to rhyme with suicide.


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Here's the whole verse that has Brown calling Wayne THE FUCKING 🐐!🔥

Suicide, it's a suicide
Tell 'em seek and you will find cause I'ma lose my mind
Kick a nigga ass then give 'em my shoes to shine
It's do or die, I come from where we used to crime
The Uzi-9 more important than school supplies
The pools is dry, my niggas and the food is fried
The news is lies, the pigeons is too spooked to fly
The rules denied, all the toughest goons is mine
That’s Tunechi's slimes, they kill you and go do the time
We unified, Young Money revolutionized the new design
We had to leave the flukes behind and super size
The numbers through the roof and sky
Don't look too surprised, look through the lines
We makin' moves and strides, groves and vibes
I'm too alive, these hoes need to be supervised
They put on a cute disguise, your grooms is blind
She get dick in the Uber ride, #2 with fries
I'm pimpin', now who am I? I'm who and why
I'm rude and kind, my cars are computerized
I'm cruisin' by, smokin' blunts Ruben size
You fools can try, these tools getting utilized
You euthanized, blrtt, skrrt, shoot then drive
Now who survived? We comin' back to rewind
I'm usually high, sippin' on the Houston wine
Feel humanized, I want my throne to recline
Jackie red, Julie blonde, they Cuban fine
I bruise they spine, I leave and they snooze 'til nine
Superglued to the grind, my crew my tribe
These bitches try to divide, we too divine
Got the drugs to provide, the coolest highs
The greenest green and the white with the bluest eyes
The syrup and the juice collide, the two combine like suits and ties
Magic, poof, goodbye 


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