Chanel West Coast & Sharon Stone Settle 'Sharon Stoned' Lawsuit


Last year, Chanel West Coast dropped the track "Sharon Stoned".

"Sharon Stoned" mentions the name Sharon Stone thirty-three times and the name Sharon ninety-nine times. In its video, which features Redman and Michael Rappaport, Chanel reenacts famous scenes from Sharon Stone movies, such as Basic Instinct and Casino

None of this pleased Sharon Stone and the 62-year old actress sued Chanel for jacking her image.

"Challenged to achieve success as a rap artist, on information and belief, Defendant Dudley [Chanel]  has sought to enhance her stature as a rapper by invoking and trading on the celebrity status and fame of others," Sharon Stone's lawyer Gary A. Hecker argued.

Chanel fired back by arguing she was making Stone relevant again and claiming that Stone had originally said she wanted to appear in the video but backed out at the last moment.

The case has now been settled for an undisclosed amount.

No word on when Chanel is going to sue Ms. West Coast for jacking their image.