Sharon Stone Sues Chanel West Coast For Jacking Her Image


Chanel West Coast is still out there rapping, and earlier this year she dropped the track "Sharon Stoned".

In its video, which features Redman and Michael Rappaport, Chanel reenacts famous scenes from Sharon Stone movies, such as Basic Instinct and Casino

The video wasn't much of a hit, despite its big-budget aspirations.  But among the people who saw it was Sharon Stone and she was none-too-pleased that Chanel has jacked her image the way that she did.

So the 61-year old actress has filed a lawsuit against Chanel for unfair competition violation and violating the California common law right of publicity.

"Challenged to achieve success as a rap artist, on information and belief, Defendant Dudley [Chanel]  has sought to enhance her stature as a rapper by invoking and trading on the celebrity status and fame of others," Sharon Stone's lawyer Gary A. Hecker argued.

Here's Chanel explaining the origins of the track back in April, when the song dropped. 

"The inspiration behind the song came from... I was at the studio one day, and the movie Casino was playing." Chanel tells Billboard. "I was talking to my producer about [the movie] and he made a little joke out of it and said, 'Oh you’re Sharon Stoned.' You know because I do smoke weed. Then it kind of just hit me, that's a song right there."

Stone is seeking damages. Here's the video in question:

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