C-Murder In More Trouble After Dropping New Song

By HHL Editors

Earlier this week, C-Murder released the track 'Dear Supreme Court/Under Pressure', in which he argues that he shouldn't have been convicted of murdering a teenage fan in 2002.

C is serving a life sentence for the crime, and now he's in even more hot water because prisoners at the Angola State Penitentiary in Louisiana aren't allowed to record songs.

C's people are claiming that he recorded vocals before he was thrown in jail. However, the lyrics of the track seem to suggest they were recorded after he was incarcerated. Among other things, the title's appeal to the Supreme Court gels with Murder's recent formal request to get a new trial before Louisiana's Supreme Court. In the bars, he also raps "Dear Supreme Court, now will you let me go."

The song is now being investigated by prison officials. They can't really give him any more time since he's serving life, but they can probably make his life on the inside even more unpleasant.

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