Bobby Shmurda Speaks From Jail

By HHL Editors

Bobby Shmurda remains in jail almost two months after he was arrested on charges including conspiracy to commit second degree murder and weapons possession.

He just gave Billboard magazine his first interview since his incarceration. The 20-year old called jail "survival of the fittest," but added he gets a "lot of love" in the joint. He also dismissed rumors that he had been stabbed in a prison fight.

"It's nothing but rumors, man," he told Billboard. "I'm good. Everybody knows I'm good. I'm chilling. We over here -- we over here thugging it out, man."

In the interview, Shmurda addressed his bail situation, which has been the source of much drama.

Uhhh… We're trying, but right now I think the DA and the judge and everyone in the court is being biased. It's so crazy. The favoritism, yeah. They don't have no evidence, no nothing on me for the bill to be so high. I haven't been out for a year, I haven't been around for a year. So I didn't make two million dollars! [Laughs] They gave me a bill they know I can't pay. We can pay the 10 percent. And we tried to pay the 10 percent and they told us collateral. And every time we go for bail, it's something new.... When I see the judge and the DA, I just see a bunch of people [who are] trying to take my life away for being blessed. That's what I look at when I look at them. It looks like a bunch of haters.
When asked what he would do when he does get out, Shmurda responded "Write some platinum songs. Finish up this deal I got with Epic."

You can check out the whole interview here.

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