Birdman Has Closed His Bank Accounts To Avoid His Money Being Seized


Last year, Birdman's property manager Nicolas Jose Penzo sued him for 30K in unpaid wages.

According to Penzo, Baby's checks started bouncing at the end of his tenure.

Earlier this year, Penzo was awarded a $1,069,876 judgment when Birdman didn't even bother to show up to court to contest the suit. When Birdman didn't pay the judgment, his Citibank account was ordered frozen and seized so Penzo could get his settlement.

Plot twist: Baby closed out his seven Citibank accounts on August 31 in front of the court order

“Citibank has no tangible or intangible personal property of the Defendants," the bank declared in a filing after being asked to hand over the Cash Money boss's loot to Penzo.

Baby may now have trouble using the U.S. banking system. This seems a high price to pay for choosing not to pay an employee 30 grand when you're allegedly worth $80 million.

Birdman is either going broke or he is the pettiest man alive.  Since it's Birdman, it may well be the latter. 

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