Birdman Just Got His Bank Account Seized


Birdman's history of non-payment is beginning to bite him in his beak.

Earlier this year, Baby's ex-employee  Nicolas Jose Penzo was awarded $1,069,876 in unpaid wages when Birdman didn't even bother to show up to court to contest Penzo's suit. Birdman still hasn't paid Penzo a cent so now the Cash Money's boss's Citibank account has been frozen and seized so Penzo can get his settlement.

In unrelated financial shenanigans, Birdman's $12.5 million Miami mansion is no longer in his possession and is in foreclosure because he stopped paying his mortgage. Baby had been trying to sell the property for years.

We're assuming Birdman is offshoring some of his money.  But it wouldn't completely shock us if one day he's living on the streets, with or without his Gucci bike collection.

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