Watch Baby Blue Of Pretty Ricky Party With Bottles In Prison [VIDEO]


Baby Blue of Pretty Ricky got a 20-month sentence in 2021 after pleading guilty to charges of wire fraud, bank fraud, and conspiracy to commit wire fraud for his involvement in a PPP loan scam for more than $24 million.

He got out early in February.

Now he wants everyone to know he had a ball in the click.

Here's a video of Blue popping bottles when the was locked up.

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"In prison taking a selfie on my Cellphone popping Bigg Bottles! 🍾🥂💰 This Bigg Money Talk! Tell all them lil niggas that keep comparing theyself to me talking bout what I did and ain't do in the feds to mind they business. We clearly not the same! 💪🏾 No Capping on this side! I talk Bigg Facts," Blue typed.

One hopes this doesn't lead to punishment for those who are still locked up.

Are you impressed?

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