Ayesha Curry Reveals Steph Curry's Fetish

By HHL Editors

It turns out Steph Curry and Ex-Jets and Bills coach Rex Ryan have something in common. And it's not just having a brother and a dad in their same profession.

The Golden State sharp shooter's outspoken wife Ayesha was on The Real today. When she was asked to show the ladies an unusual photo on her phone, she showed them a snap of her feet. Why was it there? Because Steph has a foot fetish.

"My husband really loves my feet," Ayesha admitted. "The light was hitting them just right that day ... so, when he says to send nudes, that's what he's getting, a picture of my bare feet!" "He is going to kill me," she concluded.
Well, it's certainly going to give opposing fans something to taunt Steph about.

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