Alpo Breaks Down Exactly How, Where & Why He Killed Rich Porter


Harlem drug lord "Alpo" Martinez got 35 years in 1991 after striking a deal on 14 counts of murder, including the killing of his business partner Rich Porter, who Alpo believed was cheating him.

The movie Paid In Full is based on Alpo and Porter's criminal crew.

Alpo got out of in 2015. While he was initially said to be in witness protection, he's become increasingly visible.

He'll be at is most visible in a new tell-all documentary ALPO: The Documentary.

In the trailer, he explains exactly how, where and why he killed Porter.

"I was meeting Rich that night, he got into a van. Once he got in the van, I locked the doors. As I was pulling off, I was asking him 'yo, Rich where did you get that coke from. that sht good was good', because I wanted to make him comfortable. He's like 'I got it from my connect.' From there I knew he was lying. So I turned to my little man [Big Head Gary], I gave him the nod ... because he was short, so he could stand up in the van. Next thing you heard was two gunshots, bang bang. Richard slumped over, and it happened ... I was very mad, I just killed a n*gga that I loved, a n*gga that I was making money with. A n*gga I called my brother," Alpo said.

Alpo went onto explain that they drove to a secluded spot on the highway to dump the body. But his Gary wasn't strong enough to pull Rich out of the van by himself. When Alpo went to help, he realized Rich was still alive.  So he took the gun from Gary and put a final shot in Porter's head.

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