50 Cent Hasn't Paid Rick Ross's Baby Mama Yet; She's Concerned He Won't Be Able To

By HHL Editors

50 Cent owes Rick Ross's baby mama Lastonia Leviston $7 million for releasing her sex tape.

Fif declared bankruptcy soon after that judgement against him. However, under the typical terms of Chapter 11, he would still be responsible for paying Leviston her millions.

In new legal filings, Leviston says 50 hasn't paid her a penny yet, and claims his bankruptcy lawyers are bleeding him dry.

According to Leviston's legal team, Fif's legal team have spent $57,241.76 just on hotels as they work his bankruptcy case. A reimbursement Leviston's lawyers label as "unreasonable," and have asked a judge to curtail.  Fif's attorneys have also been dropping tens of thousands line items like "legal research" and "court reporters."

Since 50's bankruptcy is far from over, Leviston is worried that the mogul/rapper's lawyers will burn through all of his remaining cash before she gets her share.

It's probably a valid concern; attorneys are experts in getting paid.

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