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21 Savage Fires Back At OG Rappers Who Criticize New School's Drug Use


Even before Lil Peep's death, there had been a big backlash against "new school" rapper drugs like lean and Xanax.

Wiz Khalifa, Master P, Pete Rock, Russ, Daz Dillinger, and RZA are among those who have criticized the mumbling generation's reliance and promotion of these pharmaceuticals. Wiz has been particularly strident in his criticism.  

Speaking for the new school, 21 Savage has had enough. He jumped on Twitter this afternoon to say he's sick of being scapegoated, especially since drugs like crack and coke have been part of the game since the beginning.

What do you think of 21's argument?

And do you think that Wiz's previous relationship with 21's current girlfriend Amber Rose had anything to do with 21's words?


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