Zaytoven Says "Beast Mode" 2 Is The Start Of A New Run For Future


Future surprise dropped the Zaytoven-produced mixtape Beast Mode 2 last night.

According to Zaytoven, the follow up to 2015's Beast Mode was supposed to come in 2016, but other things got in the way.

"Well, pretty soon after we dropped Beast Mode in 2015, Future put up a picture that said Beast Mode 16, so we always had intents of it coming out back then. But we did the song “Used To This” — that was really a Beast Mode song. At the beginning of the song he said “beast mode” and we just took it off. That song started getting big, he went on tour with Drake, and we ended up not putting [the project] out," he told Fader.

He went on to say that he and Future still have a ton of songs in the vault, even after Beast Mode 2.

"Man, you wouldn’t even believe. If you knew how many songs we did just to get the nine songs we got on this one. So many songs. Even for the first project, there were so many songs that were left over. That’s how we like to work — we wanna make sure that we’re giving the fans the best out of the best."

"I’d say about 100 songs," he continued. "That’s just in the vault. It’s really about finding a combination of songs that work together ‘cause, really, all the songs are dope. But all of ‘em don’t work together as a collective project. It’s really just narrowing it down like, OK, this has to go on it, this songs fits with this."

Zaytoven also said that he believes Beast Mode 2 will spark the kind of run that the original Beast Mode was a part of.

"I think this project is definitely needed for what’s going on right now. As far as how it fits, and how he had his run last time, I think this is the spark of another run like that for Future."

Future has already suggested we'll be getting an album this summer.

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