Yung Miami of City Girls Says JT's Prison Bid Will Only Make Them Bigger

By Daryl Nelson

Yung Miami of City Girls says her partner JT being locked up is just a minor setback.

Last month, JT turned herself in to begin a prison sentence on fraud charges, and she's due out on March 21, 2020. The timing couldn't be worse for the group, because they're featured on Drake's song "In My Feelings" off his new Scorpion album.  

But the way Yung Miami sees it, JT serving a bid could actually help the group.  

“We was preparing for this time, we knew this time was coming,” she told Complex.  “Leading up until this point, it was like a roller coaster. We had times where we would be sad, we had times when we would be happy, but I just feel like it’s a minor setback for a major comeback, ‘cause when artists go to the jail they come out bigger, like Kodak.”

She also talked about how much work they put in before JT, who was out on bond, turned herself in.

“We just did everything we needed to do before she went in, ’cause we knew it was coming,” Yung Miami explained. “Every day we had radio, in between radio we had studio, in between studio we had video shoots, interviews, so every day we was working.”

“And I hope she in there writing so much music so when she come out we can have some more hits," she added. “I think she’ll be home real soon. Like, real soon. Sooner than later."

Meanwhile, speaking of the "In My Feelings" cut, the comedian Shiggy, who helped make it a hit, denied that Drake gave him $250,000 as payment.  

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