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Young Lito Responds To Troy Ave Saying He Ran During Irving Plaza Shooting

By Daryl Nelson


In a promo clip for his new album NuPac, Troy Ave claimed that his former artist Young Lito ran during the shooting at Irving Plaza. To prove it, he posted video footage of the incident and used an arrow to show Lito escaping when the drama unfolded.

#troyave claims his former artist ran away when he got shot and was fighting for his life. .

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Lito has since responded.

#troyave former artist #yunglito responds to Troy saying when the opps were shooting at him .. his artist hit the Usain bolt ⚡️

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Meanwhile, Troy apologized to Ronald "Banga" McPhatter's family on Instagram, after being critical of them during his Breakfast Club interview. Banga was Ave's bodyguard, who was killed during the club shooting.

Pardon the delay on #NuPac Yall it's droppin 2mor! aint wanna drop it on a day considered to be Jesus's resurrection, feel like Any day that's considered Holy need to be only that. I can't say Ma like all my friends call my moms, I would love to but we never met in person & know u may feel a great deal of animosity towards me for that and u are 100% entitled to your feelings. Im a very prideful person but Im puttin all of that 2 tha side because the Love I have 4my boi Bang is stronger than any pride. And the Love that I know he has 4 you is more important than that as well. I don't wanna be all dragged out, I can't even really find the words 2 say cause I never been thru this type of thing before; I just want 2 respectfully say Ms McPhatter, When everything 1st happened I was hospitalized & incarcerated, with very limited contact 2 anyone let alone u. I was in a position where I was unable to properly mourn for the loss of my friend and still had to fight 4 my freedom at the same time. In that time I only heard & felt negativity coming from all angles. Tbh, I didnt know how 2 approach u with my condolences. Im still hurtin now from the loss of Bang, but I jus want u 2 know that me & your son traveled the world & really really enjoyed life to the fullest! His friendship is a blessing, he may not have had quantity time on earth unfortunately but he definitely had a whole lot of quality time. Bang is my brother 4 life & I jus want to do what's right by him and his name. I understand that you being immediate family have all say so. I respect that, all I want to do is at least be able to contribute a head stone to my boys burial something he would like. I reached out to Trife twice & it didn't go weIl, not sure if u were aware, so I figured by writing a open letter to you knowing you're a deeply spiritual woman, that the Love you have for Edgar is stronger than any feelings that you have towards me & I hope the Love will override it and let u allow me 2 do that. I kno that if the roles were reversed Bang would do anything to help bring comfort or some type of closure 2 my mom & I wanna do the same thing for his. Trife has my# and U have my moms # let's do this 4 him

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Afterwards, Banga's mother Rosetta responded.

"I believe he had no other choice but to respond that way, especially after he bashed my family,"she said. "If he was sincere, I think he would have tried to reach out directly. I would like to speak to him, because he could resolve a lot of mysteries I have about my son's death."
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