Young Dro Says He Spent $5 Million On Ralph Lauren Polo Gear

By HHL Editors

Young Dro loves himself some Ralph Lauren. The ATLer is usually decked out in Polo, and has named songs and mixtapes after different Ralph Lauren brands.

Despite all that promotion, Dro isn't getting comped any threads. In interview with DJ Smallz Eyes, the Hustle Gang member admit to blowing $5 million of his own money on the designer.

Smallz Eyes: How much do you think – if you could add it up and put it all together in your head and put a rough estimate – how much do you think you’ve spent on Ralph Lauren? Young Dro: Really? I don’t know…About five mill. Something like that. Over my career. Smallz Eyes: What’s the most expensive piece you’ve purchased from Ralph Lauren. Young Dro: A $7,500 piece. $10,000. That was like a cardigan. Real good piece.
Alright. We've been scouring Young Dro's Wikipedia page and adding up album sales.

Dro, you're going to need to show us some receipts.

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