Young Dolph's Shooters May Be Arrested Soon

By Daryl Nelson

Police in Charlotte, N.C. said the people who shot up Young Dolph's car should be arrested soon.

Last month, Dolph's SUV was hit with over 100 bullets. He was unharmed because he had bulletproofed the vehicle.

"I am fully confident in some sort of progress that we can share with you shortly," said Deputy Chief Jeff Estes in a weekly briefing.
Police wouldn't say whether they spoke to Dolph personally after the shooting, or if he's helping with their investigation.

The Memphis rapper has turned the near tragedy into a new mixtape called Bulletproof, which has a cover that shows him standing next to a black SUV with multiple shell casings on the ground. In fact, the whole tape -- which features songs like '100 Shots' and 'But I'm Bulletproof --- seems to be a direct response to the trigger-men. Police, however, see it differently.

"I take it more as a taunt towards potential victims out there," said Estes said of the project. "In this case, you have families sitting in their houses and here comes rounds through the wall, barely missing people."
It'll will be interesting to see if the people arrested will be connected to Yo Gotti or CMG in anyway, since Gotti and Dolph have been engaged in a high profile beef for some time.

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